a big fuck you to all my followers :)

Look. I think it would be best for your sister if you did not keep up with answering all of her hate. It would be better if you deactivated it like she'd promised and started fresh--or rather have her spend some time off of this site. I hope you understand that although you may feel like the only one victimized by this situation, many others have felt hurt by what you had to say and the immature way this problem was handled.

Oh I said earlier that I have to keep this blog up to leave the message out…

Boy, look at all those hateful messages. I really don't understand people sometimes, like, why are you following a persons activities if they offend you so much? And that person saying "YOU AREN'T STRESSED LOOK HOW STRESSED I AM", it isn't a competition, everybody has different things they have to deal with. I hope your sister finds ways to deal with things, and that people stop making light of this sort of thing.

Exactly… I feel so bad that she has a bunch to do and yet people have the cold in their heart to do this still…

She’ll stay in the hospital for about one more week and we’ll fly back to UK soon anyway.

lying about a suicide attempt because you were caught lying about a Pixar internship is pretty low. to both a) people who have actually spent years at art school perfecting their work to even come near pixar, and b) people who have actually attempted suicide. and, by the way, someone probably wouldn't attempt suicide because people on the internet are mean to them. this entire account has been built on offensive lies.

Whoa whoa stop. Stop right there. Have you been to the hospital for suicide watch? She has terrible scars everywhere and it’s really bad living with such a fragile human…

If anyone is offensive, it’s you…

i swear these people get on my nerves. she's young. just drop it and leave her the fuck alone

Thanks, I’ll tell her you said that.

I'm pretty sure that having straight A's, being "perfect" at everything, and having won talent shows doesn't equate to stress. I'm sorry, but I am in the International Baccalaureate program in my HS, have been suffering with depression since the 8th grade, and have ADHD as well as bipolar disorder. I have been struggling with controlling my weight since kindergarten, and my parents give me shit about it every single day. I stay up until 3 am each morning working my ass off. Youre not stressed.

She has so much more to do in life than you do. Do not hold that against her. She has major depression disorder along with bipolar disorder and narcissistic personality disorder since the 7th grade.

She’s also in IB too so… you guys are the same?

but please, don't end life, its a beautiful thing. Just don't lie to people is all. Life is beautiful and you shouldn't care about opinions. Just don't bash on others and be calm

She almost died anyways, what’s the point of telling her to not live if she’s already in the hospital?

Jesus shit are you five.

She’s older than you…..

You're getting a lot of hate because you have a bad attitude and don't handle any situation in a mature way. Yes, be proud of yourself that you're working for Pixar. That's awesome! But don't rub it in people's faces because you've made it clear that you got where you are because you have connections. I'm sure it will be a great experience for you and I wish you all the best, but my advice for you is to exercise some humility once in a while.

Thanks, I’ll definitely tell her you said this.

You fucking piece of shit. "I was in the hospital for attemptive suicide!!" DO A BETTER JOB NEXT TIME YOU FUCKWIT. Because, FYI, If you really HAD attempted suicide, you would still be in the hospital held under suicide watch for 3 days and then hospitalized for rehab for another two weeks. You fucking piece of shit idiot, like fucking hell you work for Pixar. Jesus fucking christ your art is really shitty, nowhere near-par to Pixar, AND NEVER WILL BE.

She was in the hospital for more than 3 days…. What the hell are you talking about.